36kr report quality project ~ MOOMA intelligent technology



Project name: moma intelligent new intelligent product solution provider

Shanghai moma intelligent technology co., ltd. was officially launched in July 2019, focusing on new intelligent products and their integrated applications, creating "AI+" solutions for different scenarios. At present, the company combined with Germany, the UK and China's universities and research institutions, mainly for electronics, automotive electronics, semiconductor, medical, logistics, services and other industries to provide cost-effective solutions collaborative robots, including robot production line upgrade, enhance the level of manufacturing flexibility at the same time, reduce the enterprise cost, especially for robot programming and debugging cost.

In addition, the company is also developing a robot deep learning platform, and will also provide relevant technical support and services for other robot enterprises and industrial companies in the future.

The founder, Gao rui, used to be an international expatriate executive of Bosch group in Germany. He has many years of experience in international and project operation management.