Technical parameters

  1. Degrees of freedom: 7 degrees of freedom

  2. Payload: 3 kg

  3. Maximum reach range: 855 mm

  4. Weight: 18 kg

  5. Sensitivity: joint torque sensors on all 7 shafts

  6. Repeated positioning accuracy: <+/ -0.1mm (ISO 9283)

  7. Force resolution: < 0.05N

  8. Force repetition accuracy: < 0.15n

  9. Torque resolution: < 0.02nm

  10. Torque repetition accuracy: < 0.05Nm

Universal Robot

1. 6-axis cooperative mechanical arm from Denmark, economical, efficient, flexible, safe and easy to use

2. The load range is available for 3, 5, 10 and 16kg to meet the requirements of more application scenarios

AUBO cooperative robot

  1. can grasp the weight of 3, 5, 7, 10kg of the workpiece for operation

  2. he arm span is 832-1563.2mm, which can meet the task within the working range of 625-1350mm

  3. The robot can be used in automobile manufacturing, metal processing, food, medicine, logistics and other industries.

  4. To realize the application of up and down material, assembly, screw lock, powder spraying, polishing, welding and so on.

JAKA Zu 18 cooperative robot

  1. The dead weight is 34.8kg, the load is 18kg, and the working radius is up to 1073mm.

  2. Integrated joint design, easy to assemble and disassemble.

  3. High load, high collaboration security, high performance price comparison.

MOOSCH collaboration robot

1. Ultralight, compact cabinet integration robot

2. Voice control function

3. Simple operation

4. MOOSCH collaborative robot can be applied in service, education, medical and other industries.

QB Hand

  1. Degrees of freedom: 19 anthropomorphic degrees of freedom

  2. Grip :62N (pinch configuration)

  3. Nominal payload: 1.7kg (pinch configuration)

  4. Weight: 500g

  5. Feedback: motor position and motor current